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   My love of paper started as a kid when I made purses out of Kleenex boxes and Christmas wreaths from strips of paper. The computer age happened and I found another way to use paper – making cards, which has been my passion for many years.

     If the definition of bliss is finding happiness and joy in what you do, than I have found mine! Each card I design comes from my heart. I am a passionate innovator and a true Serial Creator! There’s an old saying that things come “purely by chance”. My cards come “Purely by Heart”.

The BEST part of Purely by Heart is that my sister, Francine, has joined in with me. Her nickname is Sticky Fingers (although she prefers "Production Manager".

   We have fun creating together, laughing at our silly mistakes (like gluing something upside down) and seeing those beautiful cards lined up ready to go out to delight someone.

   Every one of our cards is uniquely designed and made with high quality paper and meticulously assembled by hand. In addition to our own unique designs, we often use art from several wonderful designers and are always looking for collaborators. We believe there is an infinite abundance of creativity and opportunity.

   We are ready and willing to create something unique for you – or choose from the cards we have already waiting for you in our store.

Thanks so much for enhancing our joy by purchasing our cards. We will love hearing from you – [email protected]

Meet Francine

When we're assembling large orders(50-300) of cards for a custom order, Francine's focused, systematic expertise is what makes it all happen. Thank goodness for her! (And you should hear her play the piano!)

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